Welcome to the New Era for NephCure — and Rare Kidney Disease

At NephCure, we empower people with rare, protein-spilling kidney disease to take charge of their health, while leading the revolution in research, new treatments, and care. Join us as we unveil a new brand designed to center you, our community, at the heart of our work. 
With the explosive growth in our field over the past several years, we now have the unique opportunity to reach and help more people affected by rare kidney disease (RKD) across the world.
Our Positioning

Unlike other kidney organizations

NephCure is squarely focused on nephrotic syndrome, FSGS, IgAN, and other rare, protein-spilling kidney diseases, so you and others within our community can share your unique experiences to uplift each other as one, unified front against these conditions.  We act as the connector amongst the FDA, industry partners, and other key stakeholders, while also guiding our patients to the best care and treatment options possible. We strive to ensure our branding represents this unifying force, as well as the overall values of support, community, and connection.

Our Vision

The world we hope for.

A world where all who are affected by rare, protein-spilling kidney disease are connected to new and better treatments—and one day, a cure.

Our Mission

What is our why?

To empower people with rare, protein-spilling kidney disease to take charge of their health, while leading the revolution in research, new treatments, and care.

Our Values
What we believe in and how we achieve both our long-term and short-term goals
Impactful & Always Moving Forward
Innovation and impact are at the core of our DNA. As agents of change, we are constantly assessing the landscape, identifying needs, and working together to create new solutions towards finding a cure.
Patients First
Everything we do begins by asking, “Is this in the best interest of patients and their families?” Through constant patient input, transparency in action, and a team of critical thought leaders supporting us, we strive to keep patients at the center of every conversation.
Connection & Collaboration
We can accomplish more together than we ever could individually: progress happens when unique perspectives on rare kidney disease collide. Our model depends on bringing multiple stakeholder voices together to improve health outcomes for rare kidney disease patients.
Health Equity
We can’t talk about kidney health without addressing the need for health equity. We will fight to reach every community affected by rare kidney disease so that all can access the updates in treatments and care they deserve.
Our Visual Brand

Our Logo

Through our research and outreach, we found that RKD patients and their caregivers overwhelmingly said “fear of the unknown” is the most difficult part of living with rare kidney disease. It’s a very human response to reach for others in the face of the unknown, which is why NephCure is here to provide resources, connection, and support, when you need it most.

The new NephCure logo represents community and ‘togetherness’, which features a modern spiral of cascading lines that converge together to form a kidney – to show our focus on facilitating connections within the rare kidney disease community. This shape also doubles as a “spark,” representing our position of leadership and innovation in the nephrology field as we work to advance research toward more effective treatments.

Our Tagline

We are NephCure… and we continuously strive to find a cure for rare kidney disease. Through our research and your help, we discovered just how critical it is to distinguish ourselves and allow those who may be new to our community to understand our direct connection to RKD and our collective goal to find a cure. 

Your voice is powerful!
We encourage you to share your journey with rare kidney disease.